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Spindrifter Encounter 2015

Spindrifter Encounter 2015
Encounter by Spindrifter
Sara Adeline Mazzolini writes the song lyrics, sings her songs and plays the synthesizer.
The songs were recorded by Sara Mazzolini in Marseille, copyright France 2015.
Genre : Synthpop, Europop & Dream pop
Label : Metaluna
The pictures were taken by Sara Mazzolini and Monique Lauvergne in France.
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Spindrifter Encounter 2015
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Spindrifter Encounter 2015

DVD by Sara Adeline Mazzolini copyright 2015.
Music video, voice and song lyrics by Sara Mazzolini.
Pictures, photographs and films by Sara Mazzolini and Monique Lauvergne.
Sara Mazzolini is the singer songwriter. She plays the synthetiser.
You can buy the DVD online at Sara's Store.
Thanks for watching!
Yours faithfully,
Sara Mazzolini.

Portrait Gallery

Sara's Beach Pictures

Let's have a look at my portrait gallery!

I hope you will like Sara's portrait.

Sara Adeline Mazzolini is wearing her blue dress by the sparkling blue sea.

The portrait shows Sara Adeline Mazzolini copyright France 2015.

The photograph was taken in Marseille in April 2015 with Monique Lauvergne's help.

Sara Mazzolini copyright France 2015.

Sara's Sea Foam.

Words and Pictures

Love & Feeling

I have been recording my new album.

You can listen to my new song Spindrifter Time Seeds 2015.

I hope you will like the song!

Enjoy the music!

The song lyrics are posted in my blog.

The pictures are selfies with photo effects.

I hope you will like my gallery!

Song Lyrics, voice, music and pictures by Sara Adeline Mazzolini copyright France 2015.

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Sara Adeline Mazzolini copyright France 2015-2016.